Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Post by Jade Ledingham, Illustration by Eireni Moutossi, February 2015.

I got a little curious to know what the obsession was. Now I slightly understand.

Although I hadn't read any of the ‘Fifty Shades’ book series before I went to see the film, I vaguely knew what is was about after witnessing almost every girl/woman on public transport reading them. I got a little curious to know what the obsession was. Now I slightly understand. The plot, however, was fairly basic. Successful, intelligent, handsome business owner seeks the attention of an attractive English college student. He buys her some vintage books, a car, a laptop, takes her in his helicopter – basically just shows off for the first half of the film. Once Grey has shown Anastasia all of his riches, he proposes what he’s really interested in her for. Now here’s where this ‘love story’ takes a turn and starts to get interesting. However, after he’s introduced her to his ‘playroom’, the whole film turns into Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) going backwards and forwards with what she wants. It’s slightly annoying that the latter half of the film is predominantly her trying to figure out what she wants, when Christian has laid it out pretty clear for her. Then (surprise) she still doesn’t know what she wants by the end of the film. So there’s your cliff-hanger – an indecisive woman leaves in an elevator, still being indecisive. Annoyingly, with me, it had the desired effect and now I do await the sequel to see where they can possibly take this lacklustre plot and whether Mr Grey owns any more helicopters. Praise, however, for Dakota Johnson’s body, confidence and incessant lip biting and Jamie Dornan’s body and face, obviously, which you get to see quite a lot of. So if the mediocre romance doesn’t entice you, Christian Grey himself definitely will.