May the exam questions be ever in your favour?

Post by Samantha Warburton, Illustration by Jade Ledingham, January 2015.

The end is in sight as students desperately fight for space in the library. Some have fallen (asleep at their desks). Others edge towards the cornucopia of energy drinks and sugary snacks to survive the exam period.

After days of endless preparation, you’re finally led to the dreaded arena to await your doom.

Live or die…

Pass or fail….

How long will you last in the exam hall?

The timer starts and you race to open the exam paper. You rush to answer the first question only to find that you’ve made a mistake and frantically rush to escape failure – but there’s no escaping this exam. How are you going to get past the first page? But out of nowhere, you’re saviour appears! A piece of information you remember revising. The exam becomes more bearable as you get into the flow of answering questions. YOUR TIME IS UP… but you defy the invigilator’s instructions and scribble that last extra sentence.

Congratulations - you’ve made it to freedom!

Bask in the glow of your success and return home as a hero.

You made it through the exam.

It’s over….

….until the lecturers pull you back for another round in the arena.