Lamplight Press publishes a range of titles, all of which can be seen below. Publishing any title is a collaborative process and the success of the endeavour is dependent on the close cooperation between authors, illustrators and publishers. At Lamplight Press, we value our partners; their vision, passion and input are integral to a project’s success and we work closely with them so that their creative dreams can become an obtainable reality. 


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Title: The Maya: A Living Culture in the 21st Century

Author: Dr Ines Varela-Silva

Year: 16/07/2014 


The Maya are the largest living group of Native Americans, with 6-7 million members dispersed across what is now Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. Their present situation bears little resemblance to their ancient origins when their ancestors, highly skilled in mathematics, architecture and astrology, dominated large areas of the Americas...


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Price: £15.00

Where to buy: Loughborough University Online Store

External Websites: To go to The Maya Project's website click here

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Title: You is for University

Author: Sophie-Louise Hyde

Year: 2014


You is for University is a collection of short stories and poems from university students about what university has meant to them. The work was collected by The Student Wordsmith entrepreneur, Sophie-Louise Hyde and was written by her online community...


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Price: £8.99 (+£2.99 postage and packaging, standard rate)

Where to buy: Amazon

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The Student Word Smith's Website:



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Title: This is not normal behaviour

Author: Carol Rowntree Jones

Year: 29/04/2015 



Carol’s poetry explores family, love, relationships and the natural world. Judged by Sarah Jackson and Kerry Featherstone, Carol is the 2014 winner of the inaugural Overton Poetry Prize. First place entries are published in chapbook form by Lamplight Press, based in the School of the Arts, English and Drama at Loughborough University. The Prize is in memory of Professor Bill Overton (1946-2012), a talented teacher and writer of poetry. With the aim of promoting creativity, the department of English, Drama and Publishing award the Prize for a sequence of poems on any subject.


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Price: £7.50

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External Websites: Carol Rowntree Jones’s websiteBill Overton Memorial Prize

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Title: Journeys Anthology
Authors/Illustrators: Lamplight Press
Year: 13/06/2015


Hop on a bus where the driver is fearful of change and the passengers include a mermaid, a bereaved father, and a depressed optimist.

Showcasing the talent of Loughborough University students and alumni, this Anthology offers a range of outsanding creative writing and artwork.


Price: £7.99
Where to buy: Picnic in the Park