This is not normal behaviour

Author: Carol Rowntree Jones

Year: 29/04/2015 



Carol’s poetry explores family, love, relationships and the natural world. Judged by Sarah Jackson and Kerry Featherstone, Carol is the 2014 winner of the inaugural Overton Poetry Prize. First place entries are published in chapbook form by Lamplight Press, based in the School of the Arts, English and Drama at Loughborough University. The Prize is in memory of Professor Bill Overton (1946-2012), a talented teacher and writer of poetry. With the aim of promoting creativity, the department of English, Drama and Publishing award the Prize for a sequence of poems on any subject.



 “Sophisticated and carefully crafted poems, unnerving yet elegant, accomplished yet strange.”

Sarah Jackson


“The small things these poems are made from … remind us of the uneasy beauty of our everyday world.”

Matthew Welton

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External Websites: Carol Rowntree Jones’s websiteBill Overton Memorial Prize

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