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'You' is for University

Author: Sophie-Louise Hyde

Year: 2014



You is for University is a collection of short stories and poems from university students about what university has meant to them. The work was collected by The Student Wordsmith entrepreneur, Sophie-Louise Hyde and was written by her online community.


You is for University portrays a variety of opinions and accounts of university life. The authors who have contributed vary in personality and belief, reflecting the eclectic nature of contemporary student life. 

'You' is for University


The Student Wordsmith is an online creative, literary platform, for budding writers, first set up by creative writing Postgraduate student, Sophie-Louise Hyde.


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During its first year, Sophie will be working closely with Lamplight Press to publish The Student Wordsmith’s first collaborative collection. Aimed at both university and student audiences, ‘You’ is for University is a creative anthology and guidebook providing students, in particular, with help and advice on the ‘University Experience’ and what to expect from higher education.


Brought together through our ‘You is for University Creative Writing Competition, students and graduates were invited to enter their creative work (be it poetry, short prose fiction or drama) on their experiences of higher education. This unique anthology will house over 40+ pieces from young writers, both nationally and internationally. The A-Z style guide will focus on a range of university topics that will enable its readers to envisage student life in a new way. What makes this book so different is its trustworthy word-of-mouth vibe; it is a book for the students by the students, complete with special extras including a unique ‘University Checklist’. 


‘What is most special to me about the project, and what I am most passionate about in starting-up, is that The Student Wordsmith is here to inspire creativity and encourage others to really give writing a go. This first collection of works (‘You’ is for University) is a chance for current students and graduates to have their say on what makes (or indeed breaks) their university experience and, in turn, this will provide those younger, prospective students with hints and tips on what to expect on arrival at university and who they can go to if they need help.


'In this sense, The Student Wordsmith is about bringing together the work of great new writers and showcasing potential unknown talents, publishing them into collaborative collections that focus on the useful, meaningful, and important topics that individuals are faced with in everyday life.’


Sophie-Louise Hyde, founder of The Student Wordsmith


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