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May 2015

We are very excited to announce that the launch of our 'Journeys' anthology will be at Picnic in the Park, an event hosted annually by Charnwood Arts. The event is on Saturday 13th June from 12noon until 5pm at Loughborough Queen's Park. The theme of the event is patchwork, to reflect bringing people together with a variety of unique entertainment, activities and stalls.  We will be positioned at a stall in front of the main stage and will also be selling other Lamplight publications.We will be releasing more information over the next two weeks but we hope to see you there!

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Easter 2015

Easter has been a very busy time for us all at Lamplight Press! While we hope you have enjoyed snacking on Easter eggs and making the most of the rare British sunshine, we have been working on our 'Journeys' anthology. After receiving so many great submissions, our editorial team have selected the pieces that will be included in the anthology and we will be contacting our successful contributors very soon. The Lamplight team cannot wait to begin working on the editorial content, design and marketing for the anthology in order to get our talented writers and illustrators published.


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February 2015

February has been an incredibly exciting month for the Lamplight team! The submission deadline for our 'Journeys' anthology has just passed and it was amazing to see so much talent and enthusiasm displayed. We have received some great illustrations and pieces of writing, thank you to everybody who submitted! We are enjoying looking at your work at the minute and will contact you soon regarding your submissions.


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January 2015

Now in our second year, we hope to continue expanding our horizons and publish new, exciting publications. Lamplight Press have established new Managers and we have created our first ever newsletter this month! Our electronic newsletters will be published monthly and distributed via email. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up to our newsletter


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February 2014

Since we were established at the end of 2013, we have been working on two titles, You is for University and The Maya: A Living Culture in the 21st Century, whilst collecting submissions for our anthology of short stories. Page design and formatting have been our priority, as we have been working to construct what we believe are set to be very successful books. 


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