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February 2014

Since we were established at the end of 2013, we have been working on two titles, You is for University and The Maya: A Living Culture in the 21st Century, whilst collecting submissions for our anthology of short stories. Page design and formatting have been our priority, as we have been working to construct what we believe are set to be very successful books. 


The Lamplight team have also been attending publicity events, including a photo shoot with Sophie-Louise Hyde for You is for University. Whilst the shoot was definitely enjoyable, it helped us to establish without any doubt, that the team are more suited for work in publishing than modelling!


We are very excited to have finally launched our website and hope that you enjoy browsing it. We suggest you check back over the coming months for regular updates on our ongoing projects and for exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage, as we provide you with an insight into the complex and ever-changing world of publishing in the modern day.


For now, please take time to explore the site, find out about the team and our projects, and don’t forget to visit us again for more updates soon!