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May 2015

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Artwork inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel

Illustrator: Kevin Li

Easter 2015

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Loughborough Children's Literature

Illustrator: Rupert Ibbotson

The centenary of Ladybird books was recently celebrated in Loughborough - the very first Ladybird book was published by Wills & Hepworth right here in Loughborough in 1915! So here is an illustration to capture the spirit of children's literature.

February 2015

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Film review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Author: Jade Ledingham 

Illustrator: Eireni Moutossi

Although I hadn't read any of the ‘Fifty Shades’ book series before I went to see the film, I vaguely knew what is was about after witnessing almost every girl/woman on public transport reading them. I got a little curious to know what the obsession was. Now I slightly understand. 

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January 2015

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May the exam questions be ever in your favour?

Author: Samantha Warburton 

Illustrator: Jade Ledingham



The end is in sight as students desperately fight for space in the library.

Some have fallen (asleep at their desks).

Others edge towards the cornucopia of energy drinks and sugary snacks to survive the exam period...



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Musical Colours

Author: Graham Lund


A Little Green


and Blue.


Notes, words,


heard through an open window


the guitar and voice of Joni,


her poetry pressed in vinyl


played and sung on early summer’s hill,


gifted time forming memories deep


in painted colours, musical images enjoyed


as we sit where trees make for shaded talk


of life, promises and dreams


 of time to come beyond this our campus home


where the blossoming flower of experience


notes the way with marks of ink,


by Degree...


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Author: Phil Emery 



                     SOMEONE WALKS THROUGH IT.


SERAPH:              (internal monologue) Folk adage:

                     'Laugh loudly so you don't hear

                     the world dying.'   That's an

                     early one according to sources.

                     Just a few generations after the

                     sun began to go red giant. 

                     Pretty useless advice even then.


                     SHE WHISTLES TO HERSELF AS SHE

                     KEEPS WALKING.   TWO VOICES,

                     YOUNG MEN,  IN THE DISTANCE. 

                     ONE IS LAUGHING.   CUT TO THE

                     TWO MEN.


MUGGER:              Come on,  farm-boy,  give.   You

                     must have something.   Nobody's

                     stupid enough to travel this

                     forest without something to buy

                     their safety.  


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