The Author - Graham Lund

Graham is an alumni student from Loughborough University who studied Engineering in the 1970's. His poem, 'Musical Colours' harkens back to musical elements of campus life in the 70's and questions exactly how musical memories are made and whether that has changed as rapidly as the technology through which we now acquire music has.

"Going back to early days of  campus life, music came on  vinyl records and played through loudspeakers on Dansette record players or Tape Cassette decks - the new pinnacle of recording technology! In summer, the sounds of our era could be heard through open windows, an accompaniment to outdoor life that formed deep memories of happy days and friendships.


"Roll up to more modern times and a revolution in electronics keeps music very personal, its faint sound on a warm summer day is no longer heard thanks to the MP3 and the earphone. So how today are musical memories formed? Or is association of place and music in some way now different, just as it may well have been different for ourselves in relation to older, more formal ‘suit and tie’ student days.


"Technology might change, but does the music? Have Joni Mitchell’s two pieces, ‘Little green’ and ‘Blue’, or any other of her works, changed with age - or do her poetic words and music maintain their worth and still form images in the mind of anyone who listens, even today?"

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Musical Colours

Author: Graham Lund

A Little Green


and Blue.


Notes, words,


heard through an open window


the guitar and voice of Joni,


her poetry pressed in vinyl


played and sung on early summer’s hill,


gifted time forming memories deep


in painted colours, musical images enjoyed


as we sit where trees make for shaded talk


of life, promises and dreams


 of time to come beyond this our campus home


where the blossoming flower of experience


notes the way with marks of ink,


by Degree.




The promises and dreams made good,


though faded now in years,


 images call


and so it is that I return


to a little green,


and blue,


but not those songs by Joni that we knew,


for change and time are owned by others


who sit beneath now broader leaves


and listen not to shaded talk


with notes and verses heard from open views,


but in seclusion


the Music Player sounds, but does not share


that which forms memories


and colours deep.






What today for those who would lie on early summer’s hill


and dream to images of music carried on the breeze?


Technology now hides and makes Introvert


that which we openly shared


and formed as memory, rich.



And yet,


do colours lie only in the past?


We owned the green we knew, for others, older,


as blue, our colour too was maybe wrong in hue.